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26 August 2014
Please resume posting more stuff again. I stalk you whenever I can and I'm hungry for new updates like yeah I miss you littering my feed by that much.
by Anonymous

Hello! Omg thank you for the waiting and the stalking (this might sound creepy but I really find it heart-warming) I actually miss Tumblr and posting here, I’ve been more active on Instagram or Twitter, Follow me if you want to, for more Josef life updates LOL

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26 August 2014
when doing food photography, do you also feel awkward? with people around looking at you and might be judging you? i'm asking because i feel that a lot but all i really wanna do is document ihe food experience then make a review somewhere in the internet, something like that...
by Anonymous

Hell yeah I do! Hahaha. I don’t know, I got used to it since I do it often. And usually I’m with friends who understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

If it really bothers you, try to eat at places with less people, or go there at an off time. As you do more documentations of food experiences, you’ll be more confident with taking photos of your meal in public.

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26 August 2014
for how much did you buy your 35mm? planning on buying one huhu so pretty photos
by Anonymous

It’s my cousin’s! It was around 9-10k? It’s really worth it because sometimes I feel like 50mm is too close to the subject, 35mm is just right.

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03 August 2014
Hello!! Ask lang kita kung san ka kumukuha ng swatches ng mga materials? Hihi kasi nahihirapan akong maghanap :( thank youuu!
by Anonymous

Hi! Actually I just asked friends from UP Design Core, the org for Interior Design students, for some swatches. Usually when you have tie-ups from firms and various design groups, they give out swatches.

But you can go old school and go to stores! They actually sell small textiles at Wilcon :) Around 20 pesos ata yun.

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03 August 2014
Hi josef :) Pwde makahingi ng tips sa pgbbusiness? like yung hippie project mo :) Pano ka nagsimula? Hope you'd answer this question! Nagpplano kasi ako , kaso i really dont have any idea kung papaano. Hope you could help.
by Anonymous

Hello! :)

Well first things first, really think about your shop’s branding and identity: what sets it apart? Who’s your target audience? What’s your strategy? These are the questions that you have to answer if you want to take your business seriously.

It helps when you have a killer brand, awesome and worth-it items, and a legit identity. Also consider logistics: how will you give your items? Meet-up or shipping? Will you have packaging made? Can you text brigade a bunch of people often? Can you multi-task and handle several online platforms simultaneously?

And most important thing: are you ready to split your time? I treat The Hippie Project as a creative outlet, but as it grows, it can cause bigger and more serious problems. If you’re a student, do you have the extra time to manage the business?

You can go off anon and I’ll talk to you more about this! :)

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28 July 2014

My Audacity by Claire.

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27 July 2014

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Industrial style meets Santorini.

The beautiful Pinto Art Musuem in Antipolo, which is basically the heaven of anyone who’s in love with art and design.

26 July 2014

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Monte Cafe, Antipolo City.

My friends Alison and Andre is doing this thing, the “30 Cafes / 1 Summer” on Facebook. I asked them if I can join one sesh, and maybe we can also go to the famous Pinto Art Museum here in Antipolo. They agreed and considered me as the “guest photographer” Hahaha.

So we went. After an afternoon exploring the wonderful gallery which looks like a Industrial-Santorini hybrid, we went to Monte Cafe to have late lunch. Their Chicken Pesto was just so damn good, it’s probably the best one I had so far.

It was a good day filled with art, stories, and pasta.

24 July 2014

The Sound by Ariela Jacobs.

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24 July 2014

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